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Graduation Ceremony

Master of Cyber Security


Master of Cyber Security

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To complete the Master of Cyber Security, you will complete 8, 12 or 16 credit points, depending on your prior experience.

The course is structured in three parts:

  • Part A. Fundamental Information Technology Studies (4 credit points),

  • Part B. Introductory Cyber Security Studies (4 credit points), and

  • Part C. Mastery Cyber Security Studies (8 credit points).

Depending upon prior qualifications and/or experience, you may receive credit for Parts A and B.

Students are required to meet the University's academic progress and conduct requirements. 

Mandatory unit for all entry levels

Academic Integrity STP050 (0 credit points)

Part A: Fundamental Information Technology Studies

  • Object-Oriented Development SIT771

  • Database and Information Retrieval SIT772

  • Software Requirements Analysis and Modelling SIT773

  • Web Technologies and Development SIT774

Part B: Introductory Cyber Security Studies

  • Value of Information MIS782

  • Security and Privacy Issues in Analytics SIT719

  • Cyber Security Management SIT763

  • Computer Networks and Security SIT716

Part C: Mastery Cyber Security Studies

  • Communications Network Security SIT735

  • Advanced Digital Forensics SIT703

  • Advanced Topics in Digital Security SIT704

  • Research and Development in Information Technology SIT740

  • Team Project (A) - Project Management and Practices SIT764 ~

  • Team Project (B) - Execution and Delivery SIT782 ~

Plus two (2) level 7 SIT-coded elective units.

~ Note: Students are expected to undertake SIT764 and SIT782 in consecutive trimesters. Students should seek advice from the unit chair if they are unable to complete SIT764 and SIT782 consecutively.

Key information

Award granted

Master of Cyber Security

Deakin code





Higher Degree Coursework (Masters and Doctorates)

Approval status

This course is approved by the University under the Higher Education Standards Framework.

Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) recognition

The award conferred upon completion is recognised in the Australian Qualifications Framework at Level 9.

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