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Graduation Ceremony

Master of Science (MS) in Cyber and Information Security


Master of Science (MS) in Cyber and Information Security

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301.369.2800 or 1.800.950.1992



11301 Springfield Road Laurel, MD 20708


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Cybersecurity students are expected to have a background in computer information systems, computer networking, telecommunications, information technology, network security, or computer science. Students are expected to have a working knowledge of servers, routers, hubs, switches, TCP-IP, etc. CCNS, Security+, SSCP, or CISSP certifications provide an excellent foundation for preparation, but are not required.


Master of Science in Cybersecurity - 36-39 credits

Required Courses - 24-27 credits

IAE-500 Introduction to Information Assurance*

CS-620 Operating System Principles for Information Assurance**

IAE-671 Legal Aspects of Computer Security and Information Privacy

IAE-675 Computer Forensics and Incident Handling

IAE-677 Malicious Software

IAE-679 Vulnerability Mitigation

IAE-680 Perimeter Protection

IAE-682 Internal Protection

IAE-685 Principles of Cyber Security

IAE-674 Security Risk Management (should be taken after IAE-680)

Elective Courses - 12 credits**

Choose any combination of three or four courses from the following list of electives.

Information Assurance Electives

IAE-611 Wireless Security

IAE-620 Mobile Device Forensics

IAE-621 Applied Wireless Network Security

IAE-630 SCADA Networks and ICS Security

IAE-640 Access and Identity Management

IAE-673 Secure Information Transfer and Storage

IAE-684 Complementary Security

CS-713 Design of Cloud Networks and Services

IAE-690 Healthcare Info System Security

IAE-692 Mobile Medical Dev/Application Sec 

Project Management and Writing Practicum Electives

MBA-540 Managerial Economics

MBA-646 Federal Contract Project Management

MBA-510 Analytics and Decision Analysis

MBA-515 Applied Stats & Vis for Analytics

MBA-520 Big Data Warehousing & Analytic Sys

MBA-540 Web Analytics

*Students who can demonstrate knowledge of information assurance topics at an undergraduate level either through undergraduate transcripts, certifications, or work experience may have IAE500 waived with appropriate documentation which is evaluated at the time of admission.
**Students who can demonstrate knowledge of the UNIX operating system and C programming language may request that an appropriate elective be used to substitute for CS-620 by contacting the department chair. Students are encouraged to substitute IAE-621 or 673 if this course is waived or not taken.

Please check with an Academic Advisor to confirm degree requirements and program electives.

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