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MSc Computing and Information Systems


MSc Computing and Information Systems

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University of South Wales
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If you want to move into the computing and information systems field, or if computing plays an increasing part in your role, the MSc Computing and Information Systems is ideal personal development. This postgraduate computing course is designed for people who have little or no previous experience or specific qualifications in computing or information technology, though you should have some related experience or skills that you wish to build upon.

We place emphasis on the effective use, design and development of software for information systems. You will become skilled in programming and learn how to design and implement information systems. Graduates of this computing Masters course will have relevant, up-to-date knowledge, along with the professional and technical skills needed to develop, manage and employ information systems applications in a range of organisations.

What you will study

  • Software Development (20 credits)

  • ICT Systems Development (20 credits)

  • Project Management and Research Methodology (20 credits)

  • Principles of Computing (20 credits)

  • Big Data and Analytics (20 credits)

  • MSc Project (60 credits)

Plus, one optional module from:

  • GIS Principles and Practice (20 credits)

  • Network Security (20 credits)

  • Security Management (20 credits)


The MSc Computing and Information Systems course is delivered in four major blocks that offer an intensive but focused learning pattern. Full-time students will typically spend 12 hours in classes each week. If you choose to study part-time, this is reduced to around six hours each week. You will also need to work independently on reading, coursework assignments and other computer related activities. 


Several modules are assessed entirely through coursework and some involve coursework and an examination. You will also work on a significant research project and major project of your own choice where strong independent thinking, critical analysis and project management skills will be important.

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